Upper ValleySCORE offers free, confidential face-to-face and email mentoring at no charge. The Chapter has over 30 mentors with a wide range of expertise and skills.

Each of our mentors can guide you on how to get your business off to a good start with the best odds for success or discuss the viability of an idea you may have. Our mentors also boast experience in many different industries to  help you solve a problem with an existing business.


Meet Face to Face

Connect with a mentor from the Upper Valley SCORE chapter.  You can get together in person at our office in Lebanon, or at your home or place of business - whichever is mutually convenient.  Click the button below to get started.  Based on experience, location, and availability, a mentor will be assigned to work with you, and will be in touch within a couple of days.

Find An Email Mentor

"You can search for SCORE email mentors by Area of Business, Industry or skill and then browse their profiles by to find the one that's right for your business."

Engage in an emaiil dialog with a mentor from anywhere in the USA.  Type in the type of help you are looking for in the "Enter keyword or area of expertise" box below, or select one of the Mentoring Skills or Industry Experience categories.  After you've browsed and found the mentor you'd like to connect with, click ASK A QUESTION, and then "Register" your basic information and the question you want to ask.